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Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” book summary

Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” book summary

“You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to achieve those targets,” says the 10X Rule. Massive ideas must be accompanied by massive actions.”

In other words, take massive action.

What Is the 10X Rule?

Any success I’ve had was the result of putting in ten times the effort that others did. This is referred to as massive action.
The 10X way of thinking is the second component of the 10X Rule. Set goals that were ten times bigger than I had imagined in the beginning.
Extremely successful people understand that their efforts must continue in order for them to achieve new heights. The cycle of success ends when the pursuit of a desired object or goal is abandoned.
This is the focus of the 10X Rule: you must set goals that are 10 times what you think you want and then go above and beyond to achieve those goals. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions.

Why the 10X Rule Is Vital?

When you underestimate the time, energy, and effort required to complete a task, you will “quit” in your mind, voice, posture, face, and presentation.

Never, ever reduce a target. Increase your actions instead.

The 10X Rule presumes that the target is never the issue. Any target can be attained with the right actions in the right amounts and persistence.

Attack everything with the zeal of a champion athlete on his final chance to write his name in the history books. And always remember to follow through completely: this is the one thing that all winners have in common. They follow through on every action. Make no apologies,

It is your responsibility to succeed.

Success is always the result of previous actions, no matter how insignificant they appear to be or how long ago they were taken.

Take charge of everything.

It is impossible to take large actions unless you accept responsibility.
To get where you want to go in life, you must accept that whatever happens in your world — good, bad, or nothing — is your fault.
Begin asking yourself, “What can I do to reduce my chances of it happening again — or even ensure that it doesn’t happen again?” after every unpleasant encounter or event.
You are the origin, the source, and the reason for everything — both positive and negative.
Success isn’t just a “journey,” as many people and books suggest; it’s a state — whether constant or not — over which you have control and responsibility. You either create success or fail.

There are four levels of action.

Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more important than any other combination of factors in the creation of success.

Cold “visiting” companies taught me more about massive action than any other activity I’ve ever done and has proven more valuable to me in my other endeavors.

You must approach each day as if your life and future are dependent on your ability to take massive action.

When you (1) create new problems for yourself and (2) begin to receive criticism and warning from others, you will know you have entered the realm of massive action.

Money and power follow attention, so whoever can attract the most attention is the one who gets the most.

The Average Formula Is a Failing Formula

People overestimate how well things will go and then underestimate how much energy and effort will be required just to get things done.

10X Objectives

One of the main reasons why people don’t stick to their goals and fail to achieve them, in my opinion, is that they don’t set them high enough in the first place.
I always make sure to do two things: (1) write down my goals every day, and (2) choose objectives that are just out of reach.

It is impossible to set appropriately sized targets if you undervalue your potential. Set your goals too low, and you will not be prepared for the massive action required.

The only way to be successful is to mimic the actions of successful people. Success is similar to any other skill. Duplicating the actions and mindsets of successful people will result in your own success.

Are you successful or unsuccessful?

  1. Possess a “Can Do” Attitude
  2. Believe in the phrase “I’ll figure it out. “Concentrate on Opportunity: Successful people see all situations as opportunities, even problems and complaints.
  3. I adore challenges.
  4. Seek to Solve Issues
  5. Persist until you are successful.
  6. Take Chances
  7. Be irrational
  8. Be Cautioned
  9. Produce Wealth: Money is plentiful and flows to those who create goods, services, and solutions. Shift your focus from saving money to creating wealth.
  10. Take Action Immediately Always Say “Yes”
  11. Frequently Commit
  12. Go the Distance
  13. Concentrate on the “Now”: The prosperous
  14. Show Courage: Courage can only be gained by doing — especially doing things that you are afraid of.
  15. Accept Change
  16. Determine and Adopt the Correct Approach: The successful understand that they can quantify what works and what doesn’t, whereas the unsuccessful rely solely on “hard work.”
  17. Breaking Conventional Wisdom: Highly successful people aren’t concerned with how things “have always been done,” but rather with finding new and better ways.
  18. Be on a Mission: You must approach every activity with the zealous belief that your efforts will forever change the world.
  19. Be focused on your objectives.
  20. Have a High Motivation Level
  21. Be Interested in Results: Successful people value results over effort, work, or time spent on an activity.
  22. Have Big Dreams and Goals: Read everything you can about the accomplishments of great people and great companies. Surround yourself with anything that motivates you to think big, act big, and achieve your full potential.
  23. Build Your Own Reality
  24. Commit first, then figure it out later: In the game of life, those who can commit the most passionately to their cause win rather than those who are the smartest and brightest.
  25. Be Extremely Ethical
  26. Take an Interest in the Group: The health and well-being of the larger population should be of the utmost importance to each individual member, as the most successful understand.
  27. Be Committed to Lifelong Learning: There has never been a book, audio programmed, download, webinar, or speech from which I have not benefited — even the ones that I did not like.
  28. Be Uncomfortable: Successful people are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations.
  29. In Relationships, “Reach Up”: Make it a habit to “reach up” in all of your relationships — toward people who are more connected, educated, and successful.
  30. Maintain Discipline

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin:
1. Do not whittle down your objectives as you write them.
2. At this point, avoid getting bogged down in the specifics of how to accomplish them.
3. Consider, “What actions can I take today to move me closer to these goals?”
4. Take whatever actions are necessary.

I used to ask myself quality questions like, “What do I need to do to become the name people think of when it comes to sales?”
The most successful grow while others shrink. They take chances while others save.
The only real issue you have is obscurity.

“Show up, go all in, and have faith that creativity will follow commitment.”

There is no being reasonable or rational when it comes to dreams and goals, and there is no distinguishing between the possible and the impossible.





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