"Craving meaningful connections and a listening ear? Join us on a journey of understanding, healing, and authentic bonding."

Lighten up your life by sharing your problems with people ready to listen. Live your life, leave your worries!

Speak out your Heart, Unburden your Soul

Why should I open my heart to a kind soul willing to listen?


See how to oversee and direct your feelings


To communicate your feelings better to others


To strengthen bonds of friendships and relationships


To accomplish enthusiastic development and satisfaction


Get more noteworthy acknowledgment

This space is for you to talk about everything you ever wanted to but never could Fret not, we are here not to judge or counsel



An arm around your shoulder

A consoling pat on your back

A ‘Thumbs up!’ and a ‘Come on!’

Our Video: Discover ZindagiHatke.com’s meaningful goal as you gain an understanding of how it works. Witness how anonymous expression and shared experiences contribute to a stronger you.

What’s in Store for You: 

 “Connect with like-minded people to lessen feelings of isolation. Join us as we rediscover self-expression and begin the journey towards a life reborn. Visit fantastic blogs and videos to promote improved mental health.”

 Do you feel you’re unheard and uncared for? The busy schedule and continuous rush for betterment are taking a toll on all of us. At some point, most of us are suffering and want someone to heal us. But where will you find someone to express your feelings? We are right here. Yes, we are “Zindagi Hatke” where you can talk about feelings online. Listening to your heart and contemplating your feelings is easier now because you can share your feelings online. 

Live your “Zindagi” (Life) a little “hatke” (differently) by expressing yourself completely!

Express your feelings without any filters, and you will feel a sense of clarity


Contribute to our platform through sharing blogs, your own experiences or life stories.It will motivate others.

“Zindagi Hatke” helps you groom yourself and confront the thought that you are running from

Sharing your feeling online eases out the hesitation and calms down the mind, body, heart and soul

Sharing what you are going through gives you space to rethink

 Confidentiality helps you because holding your feelings back makes you harsh

Why Choose Zindagi Hatke?

Zero Judgement

No terms and conditions are attached to our service. We are here only to listen to you patiently. No matter how unusual a situation you have gone through, we are ready to take your burden and make you feel free and stressless.


Every time you want to express yourself, two things hinder you. One is the fear of getting judged, and the other one is to get exposed. Trust is the hardest thing nowadays. Zindagi Hatke promises  confidentiality, that is our strength.

Anonymity is the key

It’s easy to say “Talk to someone out to express yourself”.  The difficulties of doing so comes to the front when you actually start expressing yourself. Therefore “ZindagiHatke” decided to keep you anonymous. 

Interested to know how it functions?

Beginning on Zindagi Hatke is pretty much as simple as 1-2-3-4-5


Become a Zindagi Hatke part, by making an account for nothing


Either post your feelings or help someone else out by replying to them

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"Contribute to our platform through engaging blogs or by sharing your own inspiring personal experiences and life stories. Your words have the power to motivate and uplift others, and we would be honored to publish them for our readers."