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Why Supporting People During Their Hard Times Is Crucial

Why Supporting People During Their Hard Times Is Crucial

According to John Milton, “Mind is its own place. In it, one can make a hell of heaven, heaven of hell.” So, the human mind is a strong entity, and every physical activity is related to mental health. As the world is progressing and becoming more inclusive, we are much more aware of our mental health nowadays. Yet, research has proven that taking care of mental health has not been a practice in many places in India. Do you know why? Because no one is there to give support to people during their hard times. This lack of confidant has proven a failure for a lot of citizens. Therefore, “Zindagi Hatke” is here. We imagine life as “Zara hatke” from everyone else. Do you want to share how you are feeling? Our online platform extends its hands to people in need of mental support. We help people build a practice of sharing their thoughts with someone with a thoughtful and non-judgemental ear. Sometimes, hearing does the healing.

Here you will find some significant reasons for taking care of your mental health:

The Key to Healthy Relationships Is Mental Health

Every relationship you have or build plays a significant role in your life. Understanding, love, and compassion are three key elements of a healthy relationship. You can keep these elements intact in a relationship only if you are mentally stable. Otherwise, you will be passive-aggressive, hostile, and incapable to participate in social activities. This results in frequent conflicts with your family and friends. Research has proven that mental illness has the potential to compel us to overthrow our loved ones for no apparent reason. Self-care for mental health and, if necessary, medication can help us live a mentally stable existence while also maintaining our relationships. Therefore, “Zindagi Hatke” advises you to prioritise your mental health and give support to people during their hard times.

Mental Health Affects Physical Health

The word ‘health’ covers both mental and physical health. One complements the other. Mental illness can induce stress and have an effect on your immune system leaving your physical health affected. As a result, your body’s ability to cope with illness may be jeopardized. A sick mind can lead to anxiety and sadness, both of which can make it difficult to move about and stay active. The well-established mind-body connection emphasizes the crucial importance of mental health awareness.

Emotional Well-being Is Connected to Mental Well-being

Your mind is at the same time a secure and vulnerable place. Though you think you have control over it, you can barely do that. Therefore, Zindagi Hatke advises you to keep your mental health on track. Once you successfully do that, you can cross more hurdles than you have ever thought about. Taking care of your mental health is not always possible for you and that is where Zindagi Hatke extends their hands to give support to people during their hard times.

Reduces the Potential of Crime and Victimization

Your mental health decides how you will react to certain events. Violence is most of the time a direct result of disturbed mental health. Consuming drugs and alcohol further substantiates this risk. Research states, “In most cases, mentally unfit individuals commit crimes against family members or those within their close circles.” Immediate professional help-seeking and understanding the significance of mental health assist in avoiding such scenarios.

Productivity and Financial Stability Are the Byproducts of Mental Health

According to research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, those with serious mental diseases earn 40% less than those in good mental health. World Health Organization has studied that almost 200 million workdays are lost each year owing to depression alone. It is widely known that poor mental health causes a drop in productivity, which has an impact on financial stability. Zindagi Hatke extends their hands to offer support to people during their hard times to secure their productivity and lastly, their financial stability.

Societal Factors Are Closely Linked with Mental Health

A human being is not detached from this great ecosystem. A small glitch in their mental or physical health disturbs the balance of the ecosystem. They cannot participate in regular social practices and their past traumas affect their natural human behavior. Thus, they start being detached from the bigger picture of society and lose their potential to think, communicate, and build a relationship.

Zindagi Hatke connects you with yourself and keeps a balance in your mental, physical, and spiritual health. All the points mentioned above are our concerns when you connect with us. We give support to people during their hard times by thoroughly scrutinizing what they are going through. Our support comes as a whole and covers everything that is connected to your mental well-being.

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